Ethical Sourcing



GIACOBBE & CO is committed to going beyond the industry standards in our efforts to support human rights, environmental stewardship and ethical business practices. GIACOBBE & CO is not a direct importer of merchandise except for loose diamonds So, to meaningfully ensure compliance with our high standards of ethics, integrity and compliance, GIACOBBE & CO takes the following approach:


GIACOBBE & CO is concerned about the environmental and social impacts of irresponsible mining practices. We are determined to source gold and other precious metals produced under the highest social, human rights and environmental standards. We are working to ensure the gold and other precious metals in our products were not produced at the expense of communities, workers or the environment. We require our suppliers adhere to these same principles and to be in compliance with the conflict minerals laws which Congress passed as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in order to target conflict minerals, including gold, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DCR) and surrounding region. We fully condemn the use of any minerals to fund conflict in the DRC, in its adjoining countries or anywhere in the world.  As a condition of doing business with GIACOBBE & CO, suppliers must agree to require all parties involved in the mining, processing and manufacturing of the products GIACOBBE & CO sells to respect workers’ rights and labor standards, and to not source gold from areas of armed or militarized conflict where there is a high risk for human rights violations.  Suppliers must further agree to support the development of an independent, third party verification system that verifies that gold and other precious metals meet these criteria.


GIACOBBE & CO is a supporter of the Kimberley Process, which was established by the diamond industry in 2003, to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds in the United States and more than 60 other countries around the world. The term conflict diamonds refers to diamonds that have been used to fuel decade-long wars and atrocities in many African countries and are suspected to have financed terrorist activities. GIACOBBE & CO will not purchase any diamond mined after December 31, 2002 that is not accompanied by the World Diamond Council warranty statement, in which the seller certifies and guarantees that the diamond is conflict-free.